Accountant Cyber Security Compliance - PTIN Security Group

New Certification - Safeguards Compliance

The PTIN Security Group is the leading authority for small tax firms to showcase the security standards and protocols that they have in place.

Instill trust in your clients and prospects by displaying the PTIN Cyber Security Compliance badge on your website, LinkedIn, and office.

How do I get certified?

There are two types of Certifications, one for the end user and one tech company.

Tax Professionals

For Tax Professionals

PTIN CERTIFIED WISP: You will need to use PTIN Security Certified IT Firm to submit a written information security plan on your behalf. They will review the information that is provided and submit to us for final compliance review.

PTIN CYBER SECURITY COMPLIANT: You will need to use a PTIN Security Certified IT Firm to administer policies, and be able to prove compliance with the comprehensive set of standards laid out. A company cannot get certified and administer their own compliance, it must be done by a PTIN Certified IT Firm.

IT Firms

For IT Firms

You will need to undergo an audit from the PTIN Security Group. All employees who handle client data will need to demonstrate aptitude in compliance in all fields of the accounting industry. This includes best practices and requirements from the PTIN Security Group.