• Show your clients and prospects that you take security seriously. Ability to certify accounting firms as PTIN Cyber Security Compliant. Undergo audits from PTIN Security Group to maintain compliance. Become a trusted leader in your field. Differentiate yourself from others who do not specialize.
    Be able to produce certified copies of written information security plans that pass the audit. Conduct audits to perform a WISP intake. Have a strong understanding of PTIN Security Compliance. Submit WISP’s on behalf of your clients for compliance.
    A PTIN Cyber Security Compliant Tax Professional will need to be able to: Provide a Certified Written Information Security Plan Provide an receipt that they are currently using a PTIN Security Certified IT Firm to administer policies and monitoring. Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of cyber compliance for accounting firms Pass an annual exam for renewing certification Complete 20 hours of continuing education in the cyber security and accounting field
    Submit your Written Information Security Plan for approval and policy compliance.