PTIN WISP Certification

PTIN Certification

This is the first time that PTIN WISP certification has been made available to the public. We still required the applications be submitted by PTIN Security Certified Tech Companies as the sheer volume would be too much to handle in a single seaso.

The PTIN WISP certification was created by and is designed to provide a credential for all individuals who are interested in becoming a certified public tax preparer and displaying their cyber awareness and compliance

The IRS is implementing a new PTIN WISP (Professional Tax Identification Number) certification. This certification is required for accountants and tax preparers who want to use an online PTIN application.

Starting July 1, 2020, all accountants and tax preparers will need to be PTIN-certified and have a valid PTIN before they can file electronically on behalf of clients. The IRS will not allow any accountant or tax preparer who does not have a valid PTIN to apply for an online PTIN or file electronically using the new system.

All PTIN holders will be required to have a data security plan as a requirement in order to renew.

With a data security plan (aka written information security plan [WISP]) you’ll be able to provide evidence that you value the protection of your clients and their PII.

The deadline to submit a WISP will be January 24, 2023 when e-file opens and tax season officially begins.

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